​Jason Thomas: Artist

​Jason started his career in the body art industry in Los Angeles, CA when he was 17. His passion and love for all forms of body art have only kept growing. Jason is a very well rounded artist who uses a variety of styles and techniques to create custom works of art, including beautifully smooth black and grey and brilliant color tattoos. He particularly loves doing large scale geometric work. So bring on those back pieces  

​Natisse Thomas: Artist

​Natisse has been an artist her whole life, exploring each and every medium she could. An avid body art collector herself it was only natural she transitioned into the body art industry. She is passionate about safe and well informed body art and educating clients on the industry.  Natisse is most known for her Blackwork and specific dotwork style, and anime and video game inspired art. 

Meet The Artists

Corndawg: Owner/Artist

Corndawg started as an artist as soon as he could hold a pencil.  He has a love for art and body modification.  He has a way of making your body art  pleasing and appealing to the eye.  Exodus claims him as their go to tattoo artist and he has also tattooed NFL players.

Liz Campos: Artist

Liz is born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She began her craft of tattooing on the world famous Sunset Blvd over 12 years ago. The inspiration from her Mexican heritage and her passion for Tattoo, Skate, and Punk culture shows in the art she creates.